Game / Field Conduct

1. No individuals are allowed behind home plate on any fields except for AVLL league officials.
2. Coaches must coach from the dugout and no sideline coaching from the parents or coaches.
3. Scorekeepers are to be located next to their dugout and the home team is the official book. Both managers need to be checking in between innings with the scorekeepers to make sure the books match. In the event the books don't match both teams need to meet in the middle.
4. Managers are responsible for keeping a pitching log (Baseball only) for their pitchers and be willing to present their log upon request by opposing Manager and/or League Officials. Failure to do so may result in the game been played under protest.
The league gives every team a scorekeeping book at the beginning of the season which has a pitching log in it. Additional pitching log forms can be printed from our website.
5. At the end of every game both scorekeepers are to get their pitching log signed by both managers, scorekeepers or umpire.
6. There is no smoking or vaping allowed at AV Town Parks or any Little League functions (games, practices, etc).

Dress and Safety Code

All Players and Adults on the field or in the dugout:
1) Cannot wear their hats backwards.
2) Cannot show tattoos that could be perceived as offensive or inappropriate (please cover them).
3) Cannot have any facial piercings.  Please remove them before arriving on the field.
4) Cannot wear baggy shorts or pants.
5) Cannot wear shirts with inappropriate or offensive prints or writing on them such as foul language.
6) Ladies no spaghetti string tops or tops showing too much cleavage.
7) Players cannot have any jewelry or wrist items on at all.  Only items allowed are medical bracelets or medical necklaces.
8) No open toe shoes.

Managers and Coaches by filling out and signing the Coach Application Form you agree to the following:

If you are selected as a Apple Valley Little League Manager or Coach, you and your coaching staff will be expected to support and commit to the following:
1) Attend all appropriate manager/coaches meetings and clinics.
2) Abide by my team’s scheduled commitments to field maintenance (before and after my team’s game).
3) Help with tryouts and draft logistics when asked.
4) Support AVLL fund raising initiatives including Snack Bar duty.
5) Communicate to my team the messages issues by the Board of Directors.
6) Pick up, maintain, and return all equipment issued to me by AVLL.
7) Remove trash from dugouts and fields and make sure grounds are left clean following all my games.
8) Abide by the Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball and the AVLL By-Laws.
9) I understand that AVLL will conduct a background check as REQUIRED by Little League Incorporated.
10) Accept a vested interest in the success of AVLL.

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