As we get closer to the season please do some self study, brush up on little league rules and read below about the umpire dress code expected of you. There will be ground rules for each division and they will be shared with you before the season begins.

Umpire Clinics will be held prior to the season, ensure that you attend so you can qualify for umpiring in this league.

To be able to schedule yourself for a game position you must sign up to this website and be authorized by the League Umpire In-Chief (Jeff Gretzner or Sean Struebing) to access the Umpire sign up page.

You must attend an umpire clinic to be (re-)certified as an authorized umpire of the league for Fall 2021. Look to facebook and this page for events.

Umpire Dress Code

Umpires are expected to dress in a professional manner. Below are the guidelines all umpires need to be following. 

Shirt: Solid Dark Blue or Black Polo Shirt OR Umpire Polo Shirt
Pants: Dark Blue or Black Dickie Style Pants
Belt: Black Belt

Shirt must be tucked in and all clothing must be free from holes, rips, or tears.

Umpire Resources

Little League University has videos and articles for umpires you might find beneficial.  Click the image of LLU to get there.

Umpire Links/Documents